The struggles of being a Solopreneur

Being a solopreneur is not all Instagram-worthy lattes and laptop meetups in cool coworking spaces. Sure, the 9-to-5 grind has its drawbacks, but those drawbacks pale in comparison to the struggles that come with trying to make it as a solopreneur. 

Though some might think being a solopreneur consists of sipping on coffee and writing blog posts between browsing Instagram, there is so much more to it than that. From the never-ending workload to the daily distractions, running your own business is anything but glamorous. 

Take it from someone who’s been there: Being a solopreneur will suck the life out of you faster than anything else. Sure, the rewards can be great, but the struggles along the way can often be unbearable. 

First off, there’s the hours. We all know (or think) that self-employed people get to sleep in and work average hours. WRONG! Being a solopreneur requires you to work like you’ve never worked before: late nights, early mornings, weekends — nothing is off-limits. 

Then there’s the financial instability. Even if you’ve managed to build a steady stream of income, that doesn’t guarantee stability. Things can change quickly, and you’ll constantly be on your toes, wondering if it’s enough. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the never-ending distractions. When you’re your own boss, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball. Day-to-day tasks, like running errands, can quickly add up. Before you know it, you’ve lost track of the big picture. 

So, before you quit your job and jump head-first into the life of a solopreneur, remember this: the struggle is real. There are plenty of highs, sure, but the lows can get equally low. But hey, if it’s what you want to do, don’t worry, I believe in you! Just be sure to buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride!